About Us

Stylebuys.com is a search engine for Fashion. We aggregate fashion websites in India and offer our users the convenience of shopping at a website where they can browse a large variety of products. We are a subsidiary of www.stilgiyin.com, the Fashion search engine of Turkey.

Is Stylebuys.com an online shop?No. Stylebuys.com is not an online shop, but is a platform that aggregates products for users' convenience. Websites of retailers are collected on our platform to enable the user to access products easily and efficiently. Once the user clicks on a product, he/she is directed to the seller's website where he/she can place an order. The user will receive a sale or purchase agreement after the order is complete. This agreement won't be from Stylebuys.com, but from the seller from whom the item was bought. All questions regarding orders, exchanges, payments, shipments or returns should be directed to the seller and not to Stylebuys.com.

Why am I redirected to the other site before my purchase?Stylebuys.com is not an online shop, but a search engine that collects products of various online shops. By using Stylebuys.com the user benefits not only from an innovative search technology, but also from convenient access to a large range of products from different online shops. Once the user has found a product of interest, he/she is redirected to the website that sells the item once the item is clicked.

What happens if there is a problem with my order?Please contact the online shop where you placed your order, as the problem concerns the sale contract partner. Stylebuys.com  is not an online shop and does not have access to information on your order. Stylebuys chooses their partner shops carefully in order to provide a quality experience for their users. If you experience difficulty with one of our partner shops, please let us know through www.stylebuys.com/contact.

What if I would like to make an exchange or return?Please contact the online store where you placed your order, since this is an issue that concerns your sale contract partner. Stylebuys.com  is not an online shop and does not have access to your order. Product exchanges or returns may be made within the conditions of the online shop where you purchased your product. The exchange and return guidelines are usually found within the terms and conditions section of the website of the online shop where the item is bought.