(Declared: Istanbul, 26 August 2014)

Area of ApplicationOn its domain www.Stylebuys.com, Stil Giyin Internet Limited provides visitors with free of charge information of third parties’ products.

This Terms of Use applies to the user of this domain (user) in relation to the content of this website.

General ConditionsStil Giyin Internet Limited only provides information for visitors and users. Stil Giyin Internet Limited does not itself act as a retailer or an online-shop. The product information Stil Giyin Internet Limited provides, does not present a legally binding offer from Stil Giyin Internet Limited. The usage of www.Stylebuys.com by the visitor does not present any kind of legally binding agreement between the user and Stil Giyin Internet Limited regarding the listed products on www.Stylebuys.com.

Furthermore, there are and will be no kinds of sale contracts, or any other contracts, between the user and Stil Giyin Internet Limited in relation to the sale of displayed products or services.

In addition, with regard to displayed products or services on www.Stylebuys.com, no contracts, neither contracts of purchase nor any other kind, will be negotiated between the user and Stil Giyin Internet Limited.

Contracts relating to the purchase of a product listed on the website or service are formed exclusively between the user of the site and the seller of the product. If the user is interested in buying a certain product, he/she is directly transferred from the online product’s image to the website of the seller, where that product is actually sold. Before purchase, the user is obliged to check all the the relevant purchase information and the validity of the relevant information themselves, using the information provided by the seller.

Company names, logos and/or product names and images presented on www.Stylebuys.com might be proprietary or trademarks of the retailers and online shops presented on www.Stylebuys.com. The product information provided is solely intended for the private use by the visitors and must not be used for anything other than private purposes. The users and visitors are strictly prohibited from downloading the product information onto a computer or a storage device. Printing product information is only permitted for private use and only parts and amounts that are strictly necessary.

Passing-on product information is only allowed if it is given to a private person for private usage. Using the information for any kind of commercial or business intention is prohibited. The user who takes product information bears responsibility to prevent the usage of product information by unauthorised third parties and the user is responsible to make sure their usage is only for private purposes.

Stil Giyin Internet Limited reserves the right to stop, for a period of time or completely, the publishing of the website and also reserves the right to change, amend and delete parts of the website or the whole website without prior notification.

Defects LiabilityEven though Stil Giyin Internet Limited constantly aims to provide a technically stable data flow regarding its own systems, Stil Giyin Internet Limited has no influence on the online services that do not belong to www.Stylebuys.com and therefore cannot be held liable for their performance. Stil Giyin Internet Limited reserves the right to freely determine a flexible period of time for resolving a technical problem. Stil Giyin Internet Limited takes no responsibility and liability for the functionality and compatibility of systems and programs, etc, that do not directly belong to the them since Stil Giyin Internet Limited cannot influence such programs. Stil Giyin Internet Limited does not take any responsibility for the reliability, correctness, completeness and/or quality of the provided information. Stil Giyin Internet Limited cannot take responsibility for type, amount and quality of the products, services or information offered or provided by the seller, that www.Stylebuys.com links to. Moreover, Stil Giyin Internet Limited cannot take responsibility for the products and services which are displayed on www.Stylebuys.com, and whether they can actually be purchased or obtained from the seller adhering to stated conditions.

Stil Giyin Internet Limited and the sellers they link to, run their respective websites completely independently of each other. Therefore, Stil Giyin Internet Limited cannot accept liability for anything concerning the graphic, content or technical design of the sellers´ websites and the offered or unoffered products, services, information and other services.


Stil Giyin Internet Limited distances itself explicitly from all the content displayed on websites, that www.Stylebuys.com links to. Stil Giyin Internet Limited stresses that it has no influence on the design or the content of the websites and their subdomains that www.Stylebuys.com links to.

CopyrightAll data, information, search results, programs, and texts of the websites run by Stil Giyin Internet Limited are proprietarily protected by the Copyright Act. Reproduction, duplication or modification of parts or whole are prohibited unless authorized in written form is provided by Stil Giyin Internet Limited. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution and/or public reproduction is considered a breach of the legal regulations and will result in legal action.

Please view www.stylebuys.com/privacy for information about privacy.

Change to the Terms of UseStil Giyin Internet Limited reserves the right to change its Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. An explicit announcement is not needed. The Terms of Use must be checked periodically by the visitor in order to discover the changes.

This Terms of Use and all the legal relationships between the user and Stil Giyin Internet Limited are subject to Turkish Law. Should certain aspects of this legal document become invalid, the remaining articles remain unaffected.